The Aesthetics Lounge Academy offer treatment and training in the administration of dermal filler into to the lips to create more of a desired look, however our masterclass has been designed to offer advanced aesthetics practitioners more indepth knowledge and skills to provide a more specialised result. This includes the use of different filler, different devices and equipment, whilst most of all using a number of different injection techniques. This will involve injecting dermal filler into the top and bottom lip to create definition, provide sharpness and to give volume in additional or hard to reach areas. Following treatment, the results appear immediately, which will typically last for ~9-12 months, whilst common side effects include swelling and bruising; resolving rather quickly.


£1000 (Medic & non-Medic)

CPD Accredited

Entry requirements

As with the majority of our aesthetics courses; if you do not have the specified medical qualifications then entry to this course is NVQ Level 3 in beauty therapy (electricals) or an equivalent course. However, due to this being an add on course delegates must have previously completed training in our Basic & Advanced Combined Dermal Filler Training course.  If you don’t hold an NVQ Level 3 but do have other qualifications that are directly related to this area of work, particularly if you work with needles, then please do contact usto see if we will accept your qualification as a pre-requisite for enrolment onto our qualification.

Course content

The Lip Masterclass course will assist students in developing a much deeper knowledgeable input into the field of specialised Dermal Filler injectables into the lip region and will equip those with the practical skills required to Continue their Professional Development to become more of a specialised aesthetics practitioner.

Not only will this course cover the aspects of dermal filler injectables into the  lip region but it will teach students how to work with different clients to achieve their most desired but realistic outcome.


Treatments used for Medical Circumstances…

Please bare in mind that these treatments are being taught to students to treat individuals for medical purposes. These medical Purposes may include circumstances such as injuries due to accident of domestic abuse, facial disfigurement due to drug abuse or self harm, Birth defect disfigurement, depression, lack of self esteem or psychological insecurity. Certain treatments within some of our courses can also be used to treat excessive sweating, teeth grinding, headaches and many more medical related conditions.

Treatment areas included:

·      Lips (A wide range of new techniques added to your treatment list including the popular Russian lips, Persian pout, String application, Tenting, 3D Lips & more)

This course is a follow on course and therefore just involves practical work, however hand outs and a lecture will also be provided on the day of attendance.

Theory work on the day will include a 1 hour lecture, followed by group discussions and practical demonstrations and equipment set up. Practical work will involve practise on live models provided by the clinic and students will be expected to provide us with x6 case study’s following the completion of their course.

Practical work will be under the supervision of our fully trained aesthetics practitioners. Uniforms, Personal training, and lunch will be provided for all our trainees.

Upon completion of the course, you will be provided with everything you need to begin your aesthetics practice immediately.  This includes certificates from both us and the CPD detailing professional development hours, insurance details, prescriber service, pharmacy registration and PDF versions consultation, medical history, and consent forms.  This will ensure that you are fully trained and fully equipped to start your practice from the moment you complete the course.

Post training:

Subsequent to training each individual will be asked to submit a number of case studies of each treatment area within a 3 month period and will be able to access our ongoing support and guidance regarding certain areas.


We strongly suggest that once our clients are fully trained in Dermal Fillers they partake in our half-day training session in Dermal filler Corrective course This course is highly recommended to aesthetics practitioners to ensure that they can safely remove and correct the treatment of dermal filler injections in case of incorrect administration or change of mind.

Enrollment & Further Information:

To enrol or if you require further information please email over your name, contact number and which course you are interested in, to use our contact formto do the same. A course administrator will contact you within 3 days.

Course dates:








Duration: 1 day

 Injection Techniques:

 ·      Tenting

·      Fanning

·      Downturned corners

·      Lip ledge

·      Lip flip

·      Pain management

·      Cupids bow

·      Lip plump

·      Lip lines

·      Philtrim